Thorny Devil bird spikes deter birds from perching and roosting on:
• building ledges, parapet walls and roof gables;
• overhead structures such as signs, pergolas and canopies;
• exposed frameworks such as television aerials.
They can also be used to prevent birds gaining access to buildings under roof edges and through gaps above roller doors where birds search for nesting sites.


Thorny Devil bird spikes prevent birds depositing droppings which:
• are unsightly and cause unpleasant odours;
• cause significant stock losses by their presence;
• cause corrosive damage due to their acidity;
• are a health risk because of the disease causing bacteria they harbour.
Thorny Devil bird spikes also prevent birds carrying nesting material into building cavities blocking drains causing flooding. As this is often large quantities of dry grass it also becomes a fire hazard.


Thorny Devil bird spikes are made from UV stabilised polycarbonate so:
• will not become brittle or corrode making them ideal for all exterior applications;
• are strong yet flexible so can be fitted to curved surfaces and are easily adjusted;
• are available clear or black to blend in with their background making them difficult to see;
• do not conduct electricity making them safe around cables and electrical machinery.


Thorny devil bird spikes have the highest density of spikes of any product on the market.

- Thorny Devil bird spikes are manufactured from UV stabilised polycarbonate as an array of spikes with a base that is 420mm long and 20mm wide.
- Each array has 28 bird spikes arranged as two rows of 14 spikes.
- Each spike is 80mm long with a double trident arrangement of points.
- Spikes can be spread outward so each array has an effective coverage of up to 110mm wide.
- Spikes can also be installed in multiple rows.

Please contact us for current pricing details.


Thorny Devil bird spikes can be installed on most flat surfaces and can be fixed in place with adhesive, screws or nails. Strips of spikes can be mounted:
• horizontally with the spikes pointing upwards;
• vertically with the spikes pointing outwards;
• horizontally upside down with the spikes pointing downwards.
Spikes can be adjusted by gently bending them inwards or outwards to their desired position. When a wide spread of spikes is required it is recommended that along each row of spikes, alternate spikes are bent widely outwards with other spikes bent slightly outwards so the full width of the coverage area has an even distribution of points.

Health & Safety

Thorny Devil bird spikes have sharp points so please wear gloves when handling them. When installing spikes please keep people safe by fixing them above the height people can reach. Remember that to fit the spikes you may be working at height so take precautions to prevent falls.


When cutting Thorny Devil bird spikes to length use a fine-tooth saw, such as a hacksaw blade.


Thorny Devil bird spikes can be mounted in place using any neutral cure silicone sealant such as Selleys Wet Area Silicone Sealant. This is suitable for mounting Thorny Devil bird spikes to:
• metals such as galvanised iron, steel, stainless steel and copper;
• masonry including concrete, plaster, bricks and grout;
• timber;
• glass, plastic and rubber.

Run a narrow bead of silicone along the underside of the base of the spikes with several larger spots of silicone spread along the base. Place the spikes into position, press firmly and hold long enough to allow the silicone to bond. It will take up to 72 hours to fully cure. If necessary, the strips of spikes can be held in place with tape or wire while the silicone cures.

Surface Preparation

When fixing Thorny Devil bird spikes with adhesives the mounting surface should be clean and dry and free from oil and grease, dirt and loose or peeling paint. Follow the silicone manufacturer
ʼs recommendations for surface preparation. The surface may also be sanded to provide a roughened surface to help the silicone to bond to the mounting surface.

Screwing & Nailing

Thorny Devil bird spikes can also be fixed using screws or nails. The strips of spikes can be pre-drilled and then used as a guide to drill the mounting surface. Strips can also be fixed in place using self-tapping screws to avoid having to pre-drill holes through the base.


When properly installed, Thorny Devil bird spikes will be virtually maintenance free. However, if the spikes, or the surface on which they are mounted do require cleaning, a low-pressure water blaster can be used. The strips of spikes should be checked after cleaning to ensure none have been loosened by the water blaster.
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For use anywhere roosting birds cause problems or health risks
Thorny Devil Bird Spikes with their unique double trident design have more deterrent points than any other bird spikes on the market
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